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C & Associates is a Dublin 4 based firm serving innovators who want to push through and start to make a difference in their Lives, their business and their future prospects.

C is managed by Bernie Jay Traynor. A multidisciplinary approach is taken to Life and Health Coaching and we specialise in Executive and Business Coaching were we provide a one-stop shop for each client's requirements. Bernie J Traynor is a registered General nurse and Midwife who gained experience working in the HSE for 10 years before specialising in Public Health and Wellness and later training with world renowned Health Guru Patrick Holford and his Zest for Life Programme and subsequently obtained a European accreditation as a Business Practitioner in NLP from the Irish Institute of NLP affiliated to Richard Bandler and then a Life Coaching Diploma from the Irish College in IFSC before becoming a graduate of IMII in Marketing and Sales and Business development and working in the areas of Market research, Product management, Audit, Growth optimisation, facilitating IT design functions and Business, Sales and Brand development while working with various pharmaceutical partners such as Strada-Clonmel, Pfizer, Norgine, Median Health Express Pharmacies and also in the Hotel and SME sectors.

Life Coaching
Change is the direct result of taking new actions so make a decision that will improve your life in many directions ultimately leading you to a better plan for living because after this process you will know with confidence and belief in yourself the direction you are going to go and you will have even greater self esteem than you ever though possible so to allow yourself to be understood, influenced and supported towards finding solutions to life's problems. We only get one chance a life and while we invest in many things the greatest and most worthy investment you will make is in yourself.
We offer one on one mentoring with an accredited (IAPC) coach in confidence to help you move your mind-set so you can get  proven results.  Coaching Options run from a single session to cure a crises to tailor made package to deal with specific areas which require greater exploration and interactivity between the coach and client.  
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Bernie Jay Traynor founded clife & Business Coaching Associates in 2006 and the company has become a leader in providing business analysis and market research to the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry where we have advised start-up Businesses who need to generate and convert sales Leads to maximise revenue to scale up and expand rapidly.
The philosophy is one of listening to every aspect of what the client wants and what their business needs to flourish and to then seeing what the best approach is then for the culture within their organisation before developing a plan of action to deal with the issues.  Meeting the staff is an important aspect too in order to get different views on the challenges ahead. Then this information is weighed up along with the strengths and weakness of the company before making decisions and taking actions in tandem with clients which will then accurately reflect their regulatory environment and their particular niche market within the available resources, budget and current economic environment.

Working extensively with professionals in the highly stressed environment of large Hospitals and in the Pharmaceutical Industry and  providing resources to management teams to successfully manage major transitions and mergers of differing companies has been instructive in our success. There have been huge changes occurring in our Harsh Health services environment where economies of scale and the need for diversification and differentiation is necessary for a competitive edge to help defend client companies against the basket of competitors competing for the provision of services with ever diminishing resources.

WELLNESS COACHING believes in using Foods with the most capacity to heal a person's DNA as medicines while honing and optimising Nutrition to combat specific health challenges including the judicious use of standardised supplements from renewable resources. Clients are initially assessed and a full history is taken and if necessary referrals are made for further investigations before proceeding to treat them. Health promotion and disease prevention are powerful milestones in the quest to inform clients how to select which High ORAC foods are best to balance blood sugars and insulin levels.  A Low GL diet reduces weight gain and inflammation. This also slows down fast carbohydrate releasing foods from being absorbed and when these are slowed down the effect is to raise the basal metabolic rate. Utilising Herbs and strategic nutrients with natural healing properties and combining this with some supplements is part of the process of supporting chronically ill or tired clients.  Neurotransmitters are used to heal those who may be suffering with depression or are recovering from debilitating illnesses or who may have undergone severe drug treatments which have left them in remission or stable but exhausted mentally and physically.