C Life - Nutritional Coaching

C Life & Business Coaching Associates is a Dublin 4 based firm serving innovators who want to push through whatever is stopping them and make a difference to their lives and their futures.

C Life is managed by Bernie J Traynor. The company uses a multidisciplinary approach to life and executive coaching to provide a one-stop shop for client requirements. Bernie Traynor is by profession a nurse who then specialised in marketing gaining widespread experience in market research, product management, growth opportunity maximisation and business development at major pharmaceutical companies such as Strada-Clonmel, Pfizer and the hotel & retail sector.

Bernie Traynor believes in using food as medicine through optimum nutrition for specific health challenges and judicious use of specialised supplementation when necessary. Health promotion and disease prevention using powerful foods to balance sugar and insulin levels. This reduces weight gain and slow carbohydrate releasing foods raise the basal metabolic rate. Herbs and fresh foods with natural healing properties are combined with some supplements. Utilising strategic nutrients to support chronically ill or tired clients or where clients are recovering from debilitating illnesses or have undergone severe drug treatments which have left them in remission or stable but exhausted mentally and physically.