C Life - Life Coaching

C Life’s purpose is to assist you in making a singular change to your life but also for this decision, to become a pivotal point in your life assisting and empowering you to go the next level. What coaches do is anchor people to their own internal strengths. The life coach is there exclusively for your benefit. Firstly they care for you. Coaching helps to uncover hidden needs and longed for life scenarios that have avoided capture for so long.

Everyone has key leverage points in their lives when if you make just one small change at that time it will literally transform your life. We don’t always recognise these opportunities and coincidences when they occur as times to do the right thing for ourselves and those we hold dear to us.

Unfortunately, time passes then sometimes we are filled with regret when later we realise our missed opportunity and try to reconcile our disappointment. In life coaching the coach and the client relationship is an equal one. It is about making progress. At C Life and Business Coaching we provide a uniquely tailored tool kit, which combines motivational psychology, life or business coaching models

Neuro linguistic programming and deep relaxation therapies with the aim of helping clients transform, past life issues, the prospect of retirement or an unsatisfactory business experience, into future success. This is easily and effectively achieved in an enjoyable and relaxed environment on a one to one basis for individuals or in a group format for companies.

Life coaching is a confidential process that evolves between client and coach. Usually clients opt for a one hour session which is a 45-minute face-to-face session with the coach and a 15 minute summation with an interim plan of action. Other options are available.