C Life - Business Coaching


Bernie Traynor founded C Life & Business Coaching Associates in 2006 the company has been a leader in providing industry analysis and market research to both major industrial companies and to start-up businesses, wanting to expand rapidly to maximise sales, using high impact, low cost strategies rather than committing major resources. Her philosophy is to get her sleeves rolled up and get stuck in with the challenge, weighing up the pros and cons of particular issues in tandem with clients making decisions which serve them best and which accurately reflect their niche and the current economic environment.

Working extensively with professionals in the highly stressed environment of large hospitals she has successfully provided resources to management teams to manage transition and the huge changes occurring in our new harsh health services environment to help provide them with a competitive edge against the basket of other hospitals they are competing with for diminishing resources.

In areas of conflict resolution and mediation, Bernie Traynor has provided expertise and mediation services to company managers and to individuals and families involved in disputes, which might otherwise have ended in the court system. She is a graduate of the Irish Institute of NPL where she qualified as a business practitioner. She studied neuro-linguistic programming as an aid to better communication. C Life and its associates are committed to continuous professional development. Bernie Traynor has a European Accreditation in Life and Business Coaching from the Irish College in the IFSC. She specialises in inspiring change and removing barriers so individuals and organisations can achieve their goals.